Founded and led by veterans, Flagship Health is built specifically to help senior and veteran families thrive. Our advanced primary care practice provides comprehensive and personalized health services for all of our members. Our clinicians are passionate about providing best in class care either in person at our clinics or from the comfort of your home (via telemedicine). Our services are covered under each member’s health insurance plan.


We currently serve patients in San Antonio and Colorado Springs at our physical locations or from your own home!

Please click below for location addresses and hours of operation.


Each week, we conduct health events at our clinic and participate in events throughout our communities.

These events are a great way to meet the Flagship staff, learn how to improve your health, or participate in an activity.

Events are at no cost. Check out our upcoming events in your community.


Flagship serves anyone in the following categories: 1) Medicare eligible veterans, 2) Any Medicare eligible spouse of a veteran, or 3) Anyone who is Medicare-eligible and is supportive of our Veteran community. In the near future we plan to accommodate other/younger patients as well.

Flagship Health is more than just medical care – we are a place where Veterans can gather in a community setting to find support and camaraderie in all aspects of their lives. Flagship provides comprehensive primary care, lab services, care coordination, integrated behavioral health services, and veteran-centric social service connections. We also work closely with Veteran Service Organizations and help Veterans understand and maximize the benefits they are entitled to.

Everything that Flagship does is veteran centric. Our founding physicians have served, deployed, and have first-hand knowledge of veteran experiences and issues. Flagship Health knows how important peer-to-peer connections can be, so we make it a priority to hire clinicians and staff who understand the military experience.

It's easy! Every patient can always keep their VA and Military health care providers. With regard to their civilian primary care medical providers (seen at a civilian center), our staff will help transition that relationship to Flagship Health.

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