Flagship Health was built to connect Veteran seniors and their spouses with clinicians who understand both the need for timely care and the Veteran family experience. These same concerns inspired legislation that improved Veterans’ access to care - including the 2014 Veterans Choice Act and the 2019 VA MISSION Act (1). When we spent more time with our Veteran community, we learned that the true health need extended far beyond a conveniently located healthcare provider. Just as importantly, we found that veterans wanted a sense of community.

The idea of establishing a community, in addition to providing healthcare services, is not just so our members enjoy coming to Flagship. According to a peer-reviewed Harvard Health publication, there is a strong link between a sense of community and longevity, mental health, and physical well-being. While it is clear that friendship and camaraderie reduce the risk of depression, the link between community and physical health may be less obvious to most. The Harvard publication discusses how extended community networks can help seniors and their spouses regularly leave their homes and be more active (2).

While all people can benefit from a sense of community, studies have shown that it is especially important for military Veterans to combat feelings of isolation by maintaining strong social ties. Specifically, one study pointed out that non-governmental Veteran organizations can play a critical role in building these important communities for Veterans (3).

That’s exactly what we’ve set out to do. Our events and our health spaces are designed to provide venues for Veterans and their spouses to interact with an extended family who have shared experiences. We are going to be especially purposeful. Yes, our mission is to create a community that will lead to longevity, and improved health. But just as important we want to constantly foster a true sense of belonging.

In the weeks ahead, we will be posting information about upcoming events on our website and social media pages. So please like and follow our Facebook page…And join our community! We’re looking forward to thriving with you.


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