Community is important for everyone, but for veterans and seniors, it can be especially critical. Veterans and the senior population often face unique challenges and experiences that can make it difficult to transition back into civilian life. A strong community can provide much-needed support, understanding, and resources to help veterans navigate these challenges. In this blog, Flagship Health highlights some of the key reasons why community is so important for veterans and the senior population we serve:

  1. Connection and camaraderie: Seniors and Veterans often miss the close bonds they formed with their fellow service members during their time in the military. A community of other veterans or seniors can help fill that void by providing opportunities for connection, shared experiences, and a sense of camaraderie.

  2. Support and understanding: Many veterans struggle with physical and mental health issues related to their service, such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or chronic pain. A supportive community of other veterans can offer empathy, understanding, and practical support, such as referrals to resources or assistance with navigating the VA system.

  3. Opportunities for service and leadership: Many veterans feel a strong sense of purpose and a desire to continue serving others after their military service ends. A community of veterans can offer opportunities for volunteerism, mentorship, and leadership that allow veterans to continue making a positive impact in their communities.

  4. Access to resources: Veterans and the senior population may face unique challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare, employment, education, or housing. A strong community can provide access to resources and information to help seniors and veterans overcome these obstacles and thrive in their post-military lives.

At Flagship Health, we pride ourselves in providing a community setting to support Veterans. Our clinical model is built to foster not only positive health outcomes for senior veterans and their spouses, but to also create a space for community, wellness and connection. Our clinic does not resemble that of a typical doctor’s office. Instead, you are able to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, play a game, read the newspaper and connect with members of the veteran community.

If you're a veteran or senior or know a veteran or senior who could benefit from a supportive community, consider exploring some of Flagship Health’s options:

  1. Social events: We have implemented clinic tours and the opportunity to meet our providers for our members and for those individuals who are interested in learning more about Flagship Health and our unique veteran-centric model.

  2. Wellness center: It is important to Flagship Health to have integrated options when it comes to care delivery for our members. Through partnering with Endeavors, we are able to coordinate a variety of wellness-oriented services for our members and their spouses.

  3. Educational program: Flagship Health’s veteran providers will deliver presentations on a variety of health related topics that impact and are of interest to the senior veteran community. Additionally, Flagship Health can work with you to help coordinate benefits you are eligible for.

  4. Integration with veteran organizations: A key focus of our community outreach strategy is connecting with and building relationships with veteran service organizations (VSOs). VSOs have begun scheduling their regular meetings at the Flagship Health clinic, further integrating Flagship Health into the broader veteran communities. We also are able to support VSO events through our mobile clinic, allowing members to either be seen or learn more in a space that is comfortable and convenient for them.

A strong community can provide connection, support, opportunities for service and leadership, and access to resources. We look forward to serving you and your family!