The idea of Flagship Health was born from the true meaning of the word “Health”. Health can often have many different definitions. The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.” Unfortunately, the current health care system only provides medical care for our illnesses and our diseases. For the most part, it largely ignores our well-being, and thus – can often neglect our true “health”.

At Flagship, we strive to dramatically change that dynamic. To us, curbing disease is only a part of our mission. We aspire to go much further – to set the stage for the fullness of life for each member. To us, our health is the most precious resource we possess. Good health allows each of us to thrive, love, and live up to our potential as members of our community. And thus, when we founded Flagship, our mission was clear: build a world-class experience that delivers the best possible “health” for each member.

Flagship Health is founded by Veterans who have served and deployed. We have a special bond with other Veterans, their families, and the broader Veteran community. To us, the Veteran Community is our community. Our family. And is there anything more natural or sacred than caring for our families?

We custom built Flagship to meet the specific and unique needs of veterans. For now, we focus on Veteran Seniors and their spouses, as they include some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We endeavor to create a true sense of family and community with all veterans – Not just because it provides camaraderie and a social fabric – But also because it promotes better health. Thus, we want to ensure every member we serve – each of our family members – can enjoy modern new spaces, top-notch clinicians, and truly integrated veteran-centric care.

“Thank you for your service” is a saying we’ve all often heard. For us at Flagship, that phrase isn’t just about the past. Rather, it’s about our collective future - a future in which we can all continue to serve our Veteran family. To make our vision a reality, it won’t just be dependent on our Flagship staff. We’ll need you too! Together, we can all create a community where we collectively thrive and forge new bonds with those who have also served with us. Our service to others will continue.

So, to all Veteran Seniors - please stop by and say hello. We’d love to get to know you and to help you get the benefits, the health care, the services, and ultimately the “health” you deserve.

Welcome Home. You’re family here.