Flagship Health serves anyone in the following categories: 

1)  Anyone who is Medicare-eligible and is supportive of our Veteran community

2)  Any Veteran and their families (over the age of 18) with commercial insurance

Flagship Health is more than just medical care – we are a place where Seniors and Veterans can gather in a community setting to find support and camaraderie in all aspects of their lives. Flagship provides comprehensive primary care, lab services, care coordination, integrated behavioral health services, and veteran-centric social service connections. We also work closely with Senior and Veteran Service Organizations and help both the Senior and Veteran communities understand and maximize the benefits they are entitled to.

Everything that Flagship does is focused on the health and wellness of Seniors and Veterans. Our founding physicians have served, deployed, and have first-hand knowledge of both senior and veteran experiences and issues. Flagship Health knows how important peer-to-peer connections can be, so we make it a priority to hire clinicians and staff who understand the unique needs of seniors and those with military experience.

It's easy! Fill out our Contact Us form and someone from our team will get in touch with you. Our Veteran members can always keep their VA and Military health care providers. With regard to existing primary care medical providers (for both Seniors and Veterans), our staff will help transition that relationship to Flagship Health.

Fill out our Contact Form today to start the process of joining us!

Flagship Health provides a unique, senior and veteran focused family model that is centered on social community and timely health care access. We believe that Seniors and Veterans deserve care when they want it, not when a health care system says it is available to deliver it. We are member-centric in everything we do – from the design of our clinics to our ability to provide after-hours services. Come in and check us out – Flagship is designed to be Seniors' and Veterans' home away from home. Members can come in any time – to read a newspaper, have a cup of coffee, or socialize with other seniors, veterans, and spouses. Our vision is not to just provide health care – but to truly build a community.

Flagship Health is paid for through traditional Medicare, Tricare, Commercial Insurance, or Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans. For those Seniors and Veterans who do not have Medicare, Tricare, Commercial Insurance, or Medicare Advantage – Flagship will help find appropriate services. We are committed to helping you, no matter your insurance eligibility.

Medicare Advantage is one of the four parts of Medicare. Medicare Advantage is called Part C. It includes Part A and B, and often involves extra benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called "Part C" or "MA Plans," are offered by private insurance companies and they must be approved by Medicare. Medicare pays these companies to manage and cover your Medicare benefits. We understand this may sound complicated, so please contact us to learn if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you. Contact Us

Members can and should continue to use all their earned benefits. Flagship Health is uniquely positioned to help veterans coordinate and navigate their various care benefits to create a seamless health experience. Not only does Flagship encourage members to best use their earned benefits, we also ensure all members are able to obtain the most from those respective services.

Flagship will work with members to navigate the Tricare benefit structure to ensure that all Flagship and other veteran services are covered by Tricare. Many of our members will have Tricare for Life – which will allow them to have the best services possible.

Flagship Health will coordinate with any of your current specialist physicians. We also offer access to a network of specialists that we trust to provide exceptional care for our patients. Our mission is to provide you with a seamless model of care.

If you wish to view or receive a copy of your medical records, Flagship Health must obtain your written permission before releasing any copies. Please contact your provider to request the form and for instructions on how to submit.